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Shenzhen Wanda Jie Environmental Protection Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in September 2001 in Shenzhen City Wanda Jie Plastic Products Co., Ltd. in October 2016 after the joint-stock reform was formally established, the registered capital of 60 million yuan. Professional production: biodegradable materials, low-carbon environmental protection materials, new materials and new product technology development, production and sales; biodegradable plastic products, color printing flexible packaging and composite flexible packaging, food packaging, sterile liquid flexible packaging, plastic products production and sales.

After nearly two decades of hard work, the company is very stable development, BIB box bags and other grain and oil food flexible packaging, biodegradable flexible packaging and electricity business logistics flexible packaging in the plastic packaging industry are the leading domestic leader. Wanda Jie's products are rich and varied, to provide customers with personalized custom design and production, to meet the needs of all walks of life, application areas, a wide range, Wanda Jie is the world's top 500 enterprises Wal-Mart's best partners, and Yum! , China Resources Vanguard, Jingdong Mall, Carrefour and many other well-known domestic chain of long-term outstanding suppliers, but also for the COFCO, the grain storage group, the benefits of Kerry Group to provide high-quality grain and oil flexible packaging products, the company's products have been all over the country and even foreign.

Innovation is the source of development of Wanda Jie, the company has a number of professionals engaged in the development of degradable plastic materials, plastic modification and plastic flexible packaging processing technology development personnel, and Beijing Industrial and Commercial University jointly set up a biodegradable materials production and research base. The company developed with independent intellectual property rights of complete biodegradable materials and complete biodegradable shopping bags, a fundamental solution to the disposable plastic packaging to the environment brought about by the white pollution; the first in the country developed a fog-type commercial PE plastic wrap to replace the day Korean imports of a large number of plasticizers containing carcinogenic PVC cling film; developed a folding synthetic paper grease packaging film for solid oil (such as butter, margarine) to replace imported products for automatic packaging line. (BIB) supporting the use of plastic boxes to replace the plastic drums for cooking oil packaging, not only significantly reduce costs and logistics costs, but also because of its one-time packaging characteristics become waste oil nemesis, now occupies the national 70 % Of the market share. The company has more than 20 national utility model patents, including "a kind of nylon / polyolefin composite membrane waste recycling method" by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance "National Innovation Park recycling project" funding. The company through these technologies to develop environmentally friendly packaging new products to win the market welcome, not only to the company to bring high value-added, and the company quickly developed into the industry recognized as the leading environmental packaging business.

The company a profound understanding of product quality is the survival and development of the company's prerequisites, but also the best corporate image spokesperson. The company established a professional R & D institutions and standardization agencies, the establishment of professional testing laboratories, equipped with a sound development of equipment and quality testing equipment, passed the ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification, ISO14001-2004 environmental management system certification, food packaging QS Certification and national environmental labeling product certification. As a result of the prestige in the industry, the company led to the development of GB 21661 -2008 "plastic shopping bags", GB21660-2008 "plastic shopping bags of environmental protection, safety and identification of general technical requirements", GB / T 4456-2008 " (BOPA) / low density polyethylene (PE-LD) composite membrane box in the bag (BOPA) / low density polyethylene (PE-LD) composite film box in the bag "And GB / T13519-2016" packaging with polyethylene heat shrink film "and so on more than 10 national standards and national light industry standards.

The company has complete production equipment, with nearly 300 sets of production equipment, and in accordance with the requirements of the plastic packaging production of plastic GMP requirements set up four ultra-clean food bag production workshop and four ultra-clean blown film, cast film, printing, composite Workshop, product quality and technical level are located in the domestic industry-leading position, which is one of the core strengths of Wanda Jie. In addition, in view of the increasing domestic labor costs, while responding to market demand for development, and further enhance the core competitiveness of products, in recent years a large number of the introduction of automated, high-precision, high-speed large-scale production equipment, excellent technology achievements of outstanding quality, thus consolidating the company The strength of enterprises to strengthen competitive advantage.

In August 2016, Wanda Jie in the Shenzhen-Shantou special cooperation zone registered a wholly-owned subsidiary of "Guangdong Chongxi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.", and in Shenzhen-Shantou special cooperation area with 66,880 square meters of industrial land, is building a building area of ten Yu million square meters of the new industrial park, set the construction of research and development centers, biodegradable modified masterbatch and biodegradable packaging, food packaging in one, the introduction of advanced automatic production equipment, integration of upstream and downstream supply chain, to further improve production capacity and scale, Market Competitiveness.

In the future, Wanda Jie will be committed to reducing pollutant emissions, ease the energy crisis, to achieve leaps and bounds of innovation, and consciously bear the social responsibility of protecting the environment, for the community to contribute more real value.