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Science and technology to change the world, need you, we, their common efforts to invisible and tangible forces to promote social advance!

Wanda Jie as a national high-tech enterprises, not only for customers to create value, and special attention to personnel training, adhering to the "who began in the letter, who began in the record, the winner began, and Jie who began to assume" Innovation for the development of the source, not only has a leading technology, senior technical team, but also in the cause of the people in the self-demanding。

Wanda Jie established "merit" employment mechanism, to create a relaxed, happy and efficient working atmosphere, to employees to create a "big family", so that employees feel the sense of belonging and intimacy, enrich the staff, spread culture, Large value space.







growing space

 1:Multi-channel promotion

 Wanda Jie for the new staff to provide a variety of promotion channels and growth space, no matter what kind of position, Wanda Jie for each employee to create an equal, friendly employment environment and fair competition mechanism, Yong who, Wan Dajie talent will always be regarded as the most valuable business wealth.

Wanda Jie from the "first-line selection" principle to select cadres, to ensure that cadres "can say, can control, more capable", and take effective measures to ensure that cadres skills to be improved.

Wanda Jie pay attention to talent pool and talent echelon construction, from the institutions of higher learning in the recruitment of excellent plasticity and excellent graduates, from scratch to develop, provide the development of air conditioning and promotion opportunities. Recruiting people with technical and managerial expertise from the community, strengthening management and team technology.

Wanda Jie to each employee to provide unlimited room for growth, whenever you are studious, respect their jobs, hard work, Wanda Jie will try to provide you with a broad space for development and promotion channel.

2:Diversified training system

Wanda has always put training on the top of the employee's job system, so that every new employee through the most basic pre-job training, on-the-job training, full-time training, production safety training, occupational health training, Learning staff to provide a sound training program.

Training content diversification, enrichment, including internal training, training, professional team development and other forms.

3Persistent innovation

"Science and technology innovation" is the future of the company's future development of the power source, Wanda Jie annual R & D projects will be invested heavily in R & D costs, to take effective incentives to continuously stimulate personal innovation and team innovation, and constantly improve the innovation mechanism to comprehensive Of the technological innovation, management innovation, business model innovation, and promote the company's continuous growth.

Competitive Salary and Benefits:

The company provides attractive salary and benefits for its staff, with year-end awards, excellent staff awards, best staff awards, special contribution awards, loyalty awards and so on.

    Holiday gifts: holiday gifts, anniversary gifts

    Health examination: the annual free of charge for the staff for a healthy physical examination, occupational disease examination

    Social security to buy: the company according to the law for the staff to buy "five insurance a gold"

    Free home: the company free of charge to meet the standards of Shenzhen, the staff for home needs.

    Arrangement of housing: arranging housing for needy staff, placement of family members.